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I am asked daily why I started wear NYLA. I could go on and on about my love for clothing and design, but do you want to know the real reason? I started wear NYLA out of pure selfishness...but hear me out:

Growing up in New York, I regularly hopped on the train to 5th Avenue in Manhattan. I would spend hours walking on the streets admiring women's fashion and marveling at the window displays. Sophisticated women who loved fashion surrounded me. This was the beginning of my ever-growing love for fashion.

Throughout high school, my friends did their shopping in my closet in hopes that my pieces would somehow end up in theirs. During college, I interned with major fashion houses which revealed the nuances of running a business around style and trends. Following college, I joined a buying team in LA at a top women’s retail company. The shock of paying a major premium on fashionable items that lasted gave me the understanding that affordability and quality rarely coincided. If you wanted to buy an affordable dress, you had to sort through hundreds of styles to find ‘the one’ that gave the impression of an ‘expensive’ feel and lifetime durability.

This is the point where wear NYLA was born…out of my own selfish desire to create the ultimate shopping experience, but also my not-so-selfish desire to have this accessible to all women. I created a platform for women with ‘expensive’ taste and desire for affordable clothing. This unique experience is brought to you by my team who hand picks every product, ensuring quality, fit, and style. Each item on our site is something that we personally love, which is why you will always find a great mix of style, from simple basics to statement pieces for every occasion. We put our heart and soul into helping you embody the priceless essence of a truly fashionable woman.

Fashion is about embodying your inner confidence - at wear NYLA, that's our personal mantra and what we hope to provide you!

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